h a i r   e x t e n s i o n s

Double Drawn Extensions

Tape hair extensions are the latest development to hit the hair extension industry. They are fast becoming the most popular method due to ultimate comfort, being the most natural in appearance and very fast application. Hair Extension pieces are double drawn which means extensions are thicker in appearance with thick ends to achieve a more fuller look. Each application comes with wash, extension cut to blend in natural hair and hot tool styling.


20 Pieces (Half Head)

16” Extensions                  $300

20” Extensions                  $320

24” Extensions                  $340

26” Extensions                  $360

40 Pieces (Full Head)

16” Extensions                  $470

20” Extensions                  $510

24” Extensions                  $550

26” Extensions                  $590

Extension Re-taping

Wash, Treatment, Re-taping and Hot Tools Styling

20 Pieces                             $180

40 Pieces                             $230

Removal of Extensions       $120

Bring your own extensions

Wash, Treatment, Taping and Hot Tools Styling

20 Pieces                             $180

40 Pieces                             $230

60 Pieces                             $280

*A non refundable/transferable deposit may be  required to secure your booking*